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Intuitive Child

Every Child is an intuitive Child

Every child is an intuitive child. By now you probably understand that intuition is our best guide in life and that’s why we invite you to go a step further and dive into developing your own intuition so that you can become a more supportive parent, teacher, mentor, or friend of children. Helping yourself and your child to gain this insight and learning to parent your intuitive child will seem second nature.

  • 8 Weeks Intuitive Child Video Course
  • Homework and meditations
  • 2 Q & A sessions Private
  • TSOTH Membership Portal Access

Heart Imagery – The Yin Feminine Flow of Energy

Heart Imagery series are unique.

These are twelve powerful sessions of Heart Imagery that will help you to align the energy of your mental, emotional and physical bodies to the new feminine flow of energy that we are just transitioning towards at this moment. You can benefit from one session, a couple of sessions, or all twelve sessions! There are no prerequisites in using the powerful Heart Imagery techniques and anybody can benefit enormously from practicing them.

  • Experience the energy of heart imagery
  • Completely change your perspective
  • Create realities around you

The Extended Light Body With Enneagram

Activate the new sense of humanity

It is time to activate the new sense of humanity. Drunvalo Melchizedek gifted us two of the most important meditations since the inception of the human race: the Heart Merkaba Meditation (“The Golden Merkaba”) and the Extended Light Body Meditation. The extended human light body inside the extended light body of Mother Earth is basically another sense of humanity. The most important thing about this meditation is that you do not really need to have the Heart Merkaba activated, although it is

Egypt 1st Initiation Meditations

13 Meditations from our 2019 journey in Egypt that will take you through all the initiation and activations the group went through.

Heart Imagery – Building A New Reality

Now is the time. We have an opportunity to rebuild the world by consciously creating the reality we live in!