the intuitive child

Every child is an intuitive child

intuition is our best guide in life, this is why we invite you to go a step further

Helping yourself and your child to gain this insight and learning to parent your intuitive child will seem second nature

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what is the intuitive child workshop?

what this course is about

This course has been specifically designed for all adults that teach, interact in any way or grow children.

Our relationship with children is very demanding and as we all want to give the best possible to our children, with this course we are giving you ideas, suggestions, exercises and techniques on how to make this happen.

We have created specific segments where we discuss subjects and give you exercises and techniques that you can use on each specific area.

We have also created specific segments for children with information that can help you understand their behaviours and techniques you could use with them.

The last segment of each module is comprised of exercises specifically designed for children. They can all be adjusted to the child according to their age and you can have the child do the exercises on the video course or they could do them with you later on. These exercises can be for children of any age ( from toddlers to teenagers) .

We have included A LOT of exercises that you can use and re-use whenever you feel it is needed. Also you will get to find suggestions for homework, relaxation techniques and meditations.

children shoe

Who should join this course?

This course is designed to address all people that are interacting with children, or would like to interact with children in the future, and that want to improve their relationship and communication. Create a more heart centred relationship and assist with issues ranging from small day to day activities to more serious and problematic situations.

Here are some examples of people that could benefit from this course:

parents & future parents

teachers, educators & caregivers



meet your teachers


agathi chris

Agathi is a speaker, workshop facilitator, trainer and coach, providing programs for individuals as well as for companies and executives.  

Agathi’s workshops and talks are focused on the importance of the heart, as she believes that this is the door that leads to true wisdom and oneness. 

As a mother she understands the relationship between families as well as the demands on women in their many and different roles in todays world.

She has spoken to schools and gatherings about the need of our society to educate our children to be able to recognize and understand their emotions and accordingly, to be able to self-regulate into beneficial states of being.  


rossi barrera

Rossi Barrera is a gifted teacher who has been working with children to transform their lives for the last 10 years through her teachings of Extra Ocular Vision (EOV) touching the lives of many.

Simultaneously has traveled around the world, as a teacher trainer, certifying EOV instructors and teaching EOV to children from different countries.

Since 2013, she has shared the teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek through the workshop “Awakening the Illuminated Heart” and has facilitated meditation groups.

In 2017 she traveled to Thailand as invited by Master Daniel Mitel to take the teachers training course “Journeys into the Heart” and “Heart Imagery”, being now part of the community of The School of the Heart.

Currently, Rossi is collaborating with Agathi Chris and Daniel Mitel to create a revolutionary program “The Intuitive Child” to help children develop their intuition and achieve their highest performance as human beings.


guest teacher

daniel mitel

Daniel Mitel is the actual Custodian leader of the ancient The School of The Heart (TSOTH), the ancient organization that helps humanity to reconnect with the Higher Selves, to create from the heart and to remember who we really are. He is a world traveler Master helping people understand their intimate connection to their Inner Selves.  

By teaching many spiritual seminars, Daniel shares a message of hope and possibility to anyone who wants to experience a new understanding of life; an understanding which comes from the heart.

Interviewed all over the world and constantly invited to write articles in magazines and on-line publications, Daniel is one of the most prominent Masters of Meditations known worldwide. He shows the inner power that you can achieve using your Heart’s unconditional love.


everything you will receive when you join the course

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course content

The effects of modern life

Spending time on ourselves

The miracle of change

House Rules

Fear & Anxiety

Emotional World - Physiology / Perception

Anger & Fear


Sadness & Grief

Quality Time & Communication

Shame & Guilt

Positive Boundaries


Recommendations from an 8year old

Exercises for people working with children

Exercises for Children

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All the material will be accessed through TSOTH Members portal. With your registration and payment you will receive an email with your login details.

You will be getting the weekly online course videos, many exercises for adults and children, audio files and pdfs. 

The sessions are prerecorded and they will be released weekly, in your TSOTH Members area. During the course you will be able to submit questions to Agathi and Rosi.

You can always email us at