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The most important teachings to help you create the life you love.

Simple daily practices

Connect with your heart

Find inner peace

Our busy lives leave little time for mindful daily practices that help us connect with our heart.
Have your practices reached their limit?
Are you looking for more?
Do your limiting beliefs hold you back?

You were designed to be in alignment with your true self and live from your heart.


The School of the Heart’s purpose is to help create a clean heart in every single human being. In these times, where humanity is destroyed by passions, it is essential for us to go back to the ancient wisdom and techniques that were practiced to purify the soul.

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Meet the current spiritual guides of the School of the Heart

Daniel Mitel and Agathi Chris

Multiple ways to start your journey today

On-Demand Workshops

  • Heart Imagery Yin Energy
  • Intuitive Child
  • Meditations


  • Journeys into the Heart
  • Heart imagery
  • Kriya Yoga

Student Testimonials

This course was totally amazing! The experience continues to affect me after the course and I can safely say that it has changed my perception of life. I feel more present and positive and I also feel that I can share this divine feeling of love to others. Even to my cat!
I am so grateful that you are doing workshops for children. I’ve been trying to introduce my child to meditation and heart imagery, but he has been very resistant so I don’t push. After the workshop, he started to enter the heart himself using the slide image! I also started using the slide to enter my heart space and I feel instantly happier as I’m connecting to my inner child. Thank you so much for introducing a fun, child-friendly heart meditation to us. He also said he had fun in the workshop.
Workshop Participant
Daniel and Agathi are extremely proficient and dedicated to what they do. I recommend this workshop for a guided reminder to take the most important journey of our lifetime, into the heart!

Create balance and inner peace today

Getting started is easy.

1. Choose a learning platform

Find the course that speaks to you. We offer live events, retreats, online courses and 1-on-1 sessions designed to help you integrate these teachings into your everyday life.

2. Practice the teachings and techniques daily

You will quickly be able to put into practice what you learn in your course.

3. Experience the growth and harmony you desire

These simple practices will help you create a flow in your life.

You were meant to live to your full potential


At The School of the Heart, we know that you want to live a life in harmony and balance… living to your full potential. To do that you need to remember who you truly are.

The problem is that our lives’ busyness leaves little time for daily practices that help us connect with our hearts and remember who we truly are.

By practicing these simple daily techniques we have found that one is able to get in touch with who they truly are and live from a place of oneness.


Here’s a gift of a Heart Imagery session for you.

Here’s a sample of a heart Imagery exercise that comes from our Yin Energy series. This particular exercise will help you balance your mental, physical, and emotional bodies. This exercise can be done daily or anywhere that you can sit, close your eyes and relax.

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