Find the Truth. Have Peace. Be kind.

Important teachings to help you clean your heart.

Simple daily practices

Connect with your heart

Find inner peace

Our busy lives leave little time for mindful daily practices that help us connect with our heart.
Have your practices reached their limit?
Are you looking for more?
Do your limiting beliefs hold you back?

You are designed to live with peace in your heart.


The School of the Heart’s purpose is to help people find God in their lives. In these times, where humanity is driven by passions, it is essential for us to go back to the ancient wisdom and techniques that were practiced to purify the soul.

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Student Testimonials

What a beautiful retreat!!! This workshop contains some of the most important messages in the journey to know God. The realization and information on how and why to cleanse the heart is truly life changing. The practices I have learned from this information 2 years ago have impacted the trajectory of my life in many countless ways that continue to surprise me.
~Renee F.
After several years in the School and taking all the classes available, I remember having the largest impact with the Union with God workshop. I see these new workshops as the natural progression for the path. The Art of Purification is a beautiful glimpse of how the highest masters on the planet progress on the path towards God. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual path and manifest abundance of peace in their life.
A special workshop, a special experience! Along with the constant feeling of gratitude that I felt during the workshop, I realized that this workshop is vital, as it is about the truth of our existence. The information and experience received is of utmost importance for all of us. Daniel and Agathi thank you!

Create balance and inner peace today

Getting started is easy.

1. Choose a learning platform

Find the course that speaks to you. We offer live events, retreats and online courses designed to help you integrate these teachings into your everyday life.

2. Practice the teachings and techniques daily

You will quickly be able to put into practice what you learn in your course.

3. Experience peace and harmony

These simple practices will help you create a flow in your life.

You were meant to live a life filled with Love


At The School of the Heart, we know that you want to live a life filled with peace and love… the way you were meant to live. To do that you need to discover the Truth in your heart.

The problem is that our lives’ busyness leaves little time for daily practices that help us connect with God.

By learning and practicing these simple daily techniques we have found that one is able to start finding grace and peace in their life.


Here’s a gift of a Heart Imagery session for you.

Here’s a sample of a heart Imagery exercise that comes from our Yin Energy series. This particular exercise will help you balance your mental, physical, and emotional bodies. This exercise can be done daily or anywhere that you can sit, close your eyes and relax.

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