Journeys into the Heart

JOURNEYS INTO THE HEART is based on a series of experiences of Masters and Mystics from all over the world since the inception of the human race. It is one the most important spiritual works in the world that teaches people how to enter into the space of the heart and it is associated with the Awakening The Illuminated Heart (ATIH) seminar.
It provides the best preparation and practice for those who intend to attend the “Awakening The Illuminated Heart” seminar in the future and helps those who have already attended the ATIH seminar to further improve their practice on the Tiny Space Of Heart Meditation.

How to apply

The Journeys into The Heart” (JITH) Teacher Training consists of two components:

  1. The Inner Path
  2. The Higher Self

Those who wish to be trained and certified as a JITH-Inner Path Teacher must have attended the JITH-Inner Path Workshop at least once. If you haven’t attended this workshop yet and wish to do so, check out the TSOTH Workshop Calendar to see where and when the next workshop is scheduled.

It is also highly recommended that you read the book titled Journeys into the Heart, co-written by Drunvalo Melchizedek and Daniel Mitel.

If you wish to apply, please complete and submit the TSOTH Teacher Training application form.

Some of the exercises and meditations included in the Journeys into the Heart-Inner Path Workshop
  • Healing (the 108 OM)
  • Re-Connection with Mother Earth, Father Universe and Higher Self
  • The Torus of the Heart
  • The Intuitive Way
  • The Navel Method
  • The Breathing Method
  • The Forgiveness Dance
  • The Heart Concentration Method
  • The Third Eye Way
Some of the exercises and meditations included in the Journeys into the Heart-Higher Self Workshop
  • The movement of the energy into the body
  • The Higher Self
  • Prayer of The Heart
  • The Chakra of Unconditional Love
  • The Kriya of The Heart
  • The Mystic Dance of The Heart
  • The Qi-Gong of The Heart
  • The Way of The Universe Sound
  • The Heart Imagery Method
  • The Way of Attention and Intention

Remember that those who live and create from the heart,
are able to teach these powerful workshops and change the lives of many people all over the world!

Journeys into the Heart

There is movement associated with entering the sacred space of the heart. Without this movement, your brain only imagines that you are in the sacred space of the heart, but this is not true. In Journeys into the Heart, you will find exercises that show you how to move your spirit there. If you have never done this before, it may seem a little strange, but you will get it.

The master authorized to guide you into your heart is the spirit behind the eyes reading these words now. That is you.

Read and enjoy practicing and applying all the methods we offer you. Decide the appropriate one for you. Then practice, practice, and practice again, and remember who you really are.

Last, read about our experiences entering the heart, about the prayer of the heart, and living in the heart. You might find them very helpful on your own spiritual journey.

Remember, you and I are alike. I am you and you are me.

—Drunvalo Melchizedek and Daniel Mitel

The book JOURNEYS INTO THE HEART written by Daniel Mitel together with Drunvalo Melchizedek is one of the most important spiritual books on this planet.

Only five other similar books have been written on this subject throughout the history of humanity. “The Upanishads”, “The Secret Chamber of The Heart” (part of the Torah, which is not available anymore), “Philokalia”, “The Way of a Pilgrim”, “Songs of Waitaha” and “Living in the Heart” by Drunvalo Melchizedek.