Heart Imagery
Building A New Reality
1Day Online Workshop

The effect of Heart Imagery exercises goes beyond logical understanding.

Thousands of people all over the world have already experienced the power and energy of Heart Imagery with the many workshops and online teachings of The School of the Heart.

In this online workshop we are going to take you through exercises that will change your perspective and show you a completely different way of seeing. In this time of change, that humanity is going through, Heart Imagery is the way to create new realities around you, that are based on the energy of the heart, the space of Oneness.

You are going to grow and increase your level of understanding in this level of existence and the unseen ones.

More about Heart Imagery

Heart Imagery is an ancient system that has been used by many civilisations and cultures around the world. Imagery is well established in many indigenous traditions, in Hinduism and other religious traditions. It has been used in psychotherapy for over a century. 

Recently prestigious organisations and health centres recognise and use the powerful techniques of Imagery in treating patients.

Heart Imagery connects these practices with the wisdom of the heart and helps people become aware of their emotional, mental and physical states.

Meet your teachers

Agathi Chris

Agathi is helping Daniel guide The School of the Heart. She is a speaker, workshop facilitator, trainer and coach, providing programs for individuals as well as for companies and executives. 

Agathi’s workshops and talks are focused on the importance of the heart, as she believes that this is the door that leads to true wisdom and oneness.

As a mother she understands the relationship between families as well as the demands on women in their many and different roles in todays world.

She has spoken to schools and gatherings about the need of our society to educate our children to be able to recognize and understand their emotions and accordingly, to be able to self-regulate into beneficial states of being.

Daniel Mitel

Daniel Mitel is leading The School of The Heart (TSOTH) helping people to clean their hearts and to remember who we really are. TSOTH has reached in 2021 already more than 200 Teachers, 32 countries and 19 languages all over the world.

Author and International lecturer Daniel is dedicated to inspiring the world to move from violence to peace and from anger to love. Throughout his work, workshops and spiritual conferences, Daniel has changed the life of thousands of people.

As co-founder of Motivate Yourself organization, and as GCI (Global Coherence Initiative) Ambassador in HeartMath Institute, Daniel actively teaches in companies all over the world. The project “Beyond The Limits” together with UN Environmental Programme Goodwill Ambassador and Chairman and Pilot of SOLAR IMPULSE, Bertrand Piccard, represents a step forward in helping the humanity to go towards a cleaner environment, a better world, a better future.



One of the first experiences I have had during the Heart Imagery exercises is the feeling of great release or freedom. The feeling is similar to what one would experience after getting healed or realizing that all our worries and fears are not there anymore. By doing the exercises regularly, it has become easier to change images or mindset in everyday life. The changes are subtle, but seem to come from deep inside.



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