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There are a lot of predictions about 2017; rumors that a wave of energy is going to hit our planet and that energy will place many of us in the 5th dimension. Some people are even saying that 2.3 billion people will move to the 5th dimension. Well, let’s talk about it a little bit. First let’s understand how predictions work. It might sound funny, but one thing that is fundamental to remember is that a prediction has nothing to do with the future.

It is related to the past. This is because we are living like robots, like mechanical machines and we repeat continuously our thoughts and acts; this makes a future prediction possible. Osho said that if we know the past of somebody, unless this person is a Buddha, a Master, we will be able to predict his or her future because this person is going to repeat his past. The Heart Imagery Masters said the same thing: we are in a dream and we go on and on, repeating our past again and again. It is like a wheel: we repeat all our actions; we can’t have a breakthrough….

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