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My name is Janaína and I am from Brazil. For me there is nothing more important than the Divine Mother and the heart`s sacred space of each human being on Earth. I believe that we could have a happier and lighter life if we connect with our heart. My inner search started when I was still a multinational`s executive. I began my path of the Sacred Feminine some years ago and when I realized, I had already become a Gynetherapist (women's therapist), menstrual therapist, floral therapist, Moon Mother and most recently, I began a Transpersonal Psychology Postgraduation. Suddenly I was sure that my mission was to guide and support others in their ways to heal their souls. For years I was interested in studying the evolution of humanity and the planet Earth and during this time I read many books of Drunvalo Melchizedek whose teachings touched my heart. Hence I started looking for him around the world, and during the pandemic I found The School of the Heart through a special teacher. I participated in some workshops which touched my soul and heart, becoming every day more amazed by the sacred space of the heart. I am fortunate for the many healings of pain and traumas I received, changing my life extensively. I am so grateful to be part of this amazing TSOTH family around the world and eternally grateful for the masters Drunvalo Melchizedek and Daniel Mitel, and my teacher who supports me and guides my steps with such love continuously. I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have a son who is the love of my life and I do also love being alive at this time on Planet Earth, being part of this important transition that we are living.


Workshop: Journeys into the Heart: The Inner Path®

Heart Imagery - Cleaning The Past and Self-Renewal®


E-mail: janiguedestsoth@yahoo.com

Register Link: https://www.janiguedesschooloftheheart.com.br

Website: https://www.janiguedesgineterapeuta.com.br

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