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Adalyn Chan

  • Heart Imagery : Cleaning the Past and Self-Renewal

Adalyn Chan




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Adalyn is a Hong Kong based meditative artist and facilitator. Her academic background is theology, spirituality and art. Adalyn finds her way back to the heart through Heart Imagery and her life is forever uplifted. She shares Heart Imagery meditations with people around the world in Cantonese, both online and onsite. You can contact her for a private booking or to check for her upcoming schedule via email adalynchan@outlook.com. Her meditative art website is www.my330art.com and Facebook page "Art Beyond Creativity" is www.facebook.com/omiuart 香港靈性藝術導師 Adalyn Chan, 她的學術背景是基督教神學、靈修學及西方藝術。Adalyn 從心像術中,找回從心而發的力量,從此她的生活、使命和藝術都注入了源源不住的活力。無論是在地或是在線的方式,Adalyn 想與全世界說廣東話的人士,分享心像術,一起從心而發、從心創造。電郵 Adalyn (adalynchan@outlook.com) 查詢個別預約或最新心像術工作坊。歡迎瀏覽她的網頁: www.my330art.com 及 Facebook 專頁: 奧妙意象 www.facebook.com/omiuart.

~ It's perfect, it's always enough ~

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