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Harmony Card


CBD Oils

We harness the purity of nature in our organic products to retain all of the beneficial active ingredients. We then infuse every product for 72 hours within the Golden Sphere in our external Heart Merkaba’s Quantum energy field so you can feel good about choosing Flower of the Heart CBD.

  • Grown outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine
  • Nourished with rain and natural spring water
  • USA grown
  • Hand-harvested to protect all of the active ingredients

Harmony Card

Flower of the Heart “Harmony Cards” restore the harmonic structure of the water molecules in your body and bring your body back into balance. Our cards are small and easy to carry with you so you can enjoy life the way Mother nature intended you to.

  • The problem is the increase in electromagnetic fields like 4G & 5G networks around us that harm your body’s cells, leaving you feeling less than your best, and wondering if there is anything you can do to protect yourself.
  • We believe you should be able to enjoy life the way Mother Nature intended without worrying about the impact invisible magnetic fields have on your body’s balance

About Us

With so much busyness in the world around us, most of us don’t find enough time to devote to a daily wellness practice to elevate our vibration and raise our awareness. This can make you feel frustrated and disillusioned – leaving you with a lesser version of yourself.

Flower of the Heart CBD products are 100% organic and follow a strict process from seed to bottle. We harness the purity and integrity of Nature, then infuse every product within the Golden Sphere of the Heart Merkaba’s Quantum energy field.