Workshops for children

One of the most important part of The School of The Heart (TSOTH) is dedicated to help children discover and preserve their intuitive side.

The School of The Heart (TSOTH) is promoting workshops for children, parents and teachers that want to lear to increase their intuitive side and heart creation power. These workshops that are going to make a huge difference in the level of consciousness of our children.

The workshop will consists of two components:

  1. Heart Meditations (from TSOTH and HeartMath) and heart imagery exercises for children 
  2. Training for teachers who are going to work with children

As a result of this workshop some children will be able to increase tremendously their intuitive side and understand the realities around them in a different way.

As a result of this workshop some children will be able to read or feel images around them even when their eyes are closed but the purpose of the workshop is not to make “super-children” but to help them become better and grow using their heart power.

Remember that the children who learn to stay connected with their intuitive side are going to change this world!

Master of meditation Daniel Mitel and TSOTH Teacher Rosi Barrera Oaxaca together with Rosi’ students that can read with the eyes covered with two thick masks!