Gulce Tartal

  • Journeys into the Heart: The Inner Path
  • Heart Imagery : Cleaning the Past and Self-Renewal

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While I was a little girl, my grandfather taught me that the heart can do anything that we can’t even imagine. He was telling me the stories of the heart and trying to explain me the importance of the heart till he passed away from this Planet which was nearly four years ago.

At that time, my path crossed with Daniel Mitel and I began to understand the importance of connection of the heart and the mind on today’s busy daily lives. Everyday, I see people having problems with their relationships, feeling the pains of love and suffering from lovelessness and from diseases. They have many problems on their own lives but the saddest part is that they are not aware of all those problems occur because of their mind’s creation.

Our mission is to awaken these people and remind them to reconnect with their hearts. Only once they feel the wonderful, powerful and the beautiful energy of the heart, they start to change the reality of themselves and the destiny of their lives. If a mother’s destiny can change with only a small heartbeat on her womb, then any nation’s and the whole world’s destiny can change only if one person can realize the heartbeat of itself.