Chris Cheung

  • Journeys into the Heart: The Inner Path
  • Heart Imagery : Cleaning the Past and Self-Renewal


Chris is a vision building strategist. He embodies teachings from a long lineage of imagery masters, Taoist & Zen masters, Lao Tzu & their teams, who came to him in 2016, to teach him and initiate him during many hours of dreamtime & deep meditations. He assists others in bringing forth non-dual dreams from the void, transforming imagery into practical milestones.


His passion is also to share heart-centered inner work, specializing in emotional intimacy, relational artistry and inner leadership, on a path towards embodying wholistic living.

Prior to his current work, Chris coached, advised and led individuals and teams in a corporate career in senior finance management roles in multi-billion dollar ASX companies for over 12 years. This path began to Y fork when he broke his arm in 2008, coming out of an 8 hour surgery & NDE, he chose to make the most of what he had been gifted. Thus began a path rarely travelled in the corporate/finance world, towards the physical, spiritual, mental, relational/literacy, heart, psycho-emotional and sensual/sexual work - “whole-being-intimacy development”.


PURPOSE: Chris is passionate about co-creating humanitarian projects towards a conscious awakened humanity and building a new earth for our future generations

VISION: His vision is to co-create an ecosystem that nurtures a movement towards wholistic embodied living

Today, Chris is the Co-Founder & CEO of KIND.Trainer, which is creating a series of teachings integrating the ancient wisdom into today’s world. The foundation of all these teachings is being heart-centred, and ventures into day-to-day experiences including; “Relational Artistry Series”: self-empowerment towards empathetic relational transformation and; “Becoming Your Own Leader Series”, breaking free of our moulds of conditioning, discipline without emotional weaponisation.

Chris is a director & treasurer of 3 non-profit boards:

  • Kamuniversity: a next-gen education system to bring wholistic embodied living to the world, (as directed by Archangel Michael), whose background research included meeting with Vladimir Megre & Anastasia inspired schools: The Ringing Cedars, & creating the documentary New Earth Destiny.
  • Protea Institute & Sanctuary: bringing psycho-somatic shadow work to the world
  • Kauai Farm Sanctuary: a plant based organisation creating a kinder world for animals


His mission is to embody wholistic living - to dive into his own shadow work, to share heart-led emotional intimacy and to build deeper relationships. To co-create a networked community of people passionate about embodied wholistic living.


Chris mentors & coaches individuals and couples in self-transformational, personal development work. His clients are often struggling with addictions, unwanted patterns of behaviour, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, dating, challenging relationships, lack of creativity, lack of sexual drive, and disease. Though his coaching is not limited to these areas.

He has trained with the Master's Center of Professional Training (MCPT) in shadow integrating psycho-emotional-somatic-therapy. He also draws on his people leadership experience as a senior accounting & finance manager, with over 10 years of people management experience at a multi-billion dollar ASX100 organisation.


Chris is a certified teacher at The School of the Heart sharing ancient Tibetan techniques to live a heart-led life. His passion to share these teachings comes from having personally experienced the transformative bliss of this school’s heart reconnecting practices.


Chris provides business coaching in the areas of accounting, finance, commercial and strategic advisory. His clients are often building business cases, financial models, seeking strategic advice on commercial negotiations and due diligence with potential acquisitions. Though his consulting services are not limited to these areas.

Chris has assisted businesses from startup to multi-billion dollar global conglomerates, in a wide range of accounting, financial, commercial and strategic advisory services. He spent over 12 years in a senior leadership role managing a team of 10-20 people in finance operations, new business & product exploration, mergers & acquisitions, business intelligence, group consolidated reporting (MC:$6.6b+ TAH ASX). Subsequently, he moved into business advisory for startups and smaller organisations.

Chris is a Chartered Accountant (CA) and has 2 bachelor degrees, in Commerce (B.Comm), and Information Systems (B.IS) and began his career working in IT for an ISP before joining a Chartered Accounting firm.


A classical pianist from the age of 4, Chris plays live meditational music, which assists in deepening our connection to spirit and soul. His album Prayers on Keys has been released on iTunes, Spotify and other online stores. Chris became a certified Associate of Music (A.Mus.A) AMEB at age 16.


Chris is passionate about body recomposition, with a deep understanding of the human alchemy. He likens the body to a sand sculpture, treasured in the present moment, to be washed away in the unknown next. It can be an effective tool in shame and disgust release. Chris is a Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).


Chris is an intuitive energetic and physical body worker. He is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher and practices Qi Gong healing techniques that rebalance & recalibrate body energy flow. He practices Trigger Point therapy, which works synergistically with the energy work. He finds these tools effective for immediate relaxation and emotional release. He also combines these techniques with psycho-emotional trauma and conditioning work, so that the root cause of emotional-holding-suppressing-loops, can be transformed.


"Dancing was my Yoga for 8 years" says Chris, "Dancing is a watery feminine flow (Yin), and by doing this practice with fiery Yang practices, I feel a balanced flow of internal Yin & Yang energy." Chris finds it an effective intuitive flow development and inner child reconnection tool. Chris was semi-professional and intensively studied hip hop, house, dancehall, breakdance, popping, salsa, jazz & commerical choreography for over 8 years.


Chris trained for many years in fiery masculine flow (Yang) practices, Wu-Shu, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Nei Gong, Praying Mantis, Muay Thai, Fengxi Boxing, Grappling, Wrestling and other martial arts. He uses it as an effective self-empowerment tool in working with our fire energy. Chris is graded a 3rd Dan with the Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu Wushu Taichi Institute of Australia.


by Chris Cheung

Before I began doing on my inner work, spirit, heart and gut reconnection, my life was a mess filled with struggles, suffering, conflict, stress, anxiety and depression. My biography would have read like this:

“Chris is a narcissistic ego maniac, an insecure attention seeking perfectionist with an over thinking analytical mind. He is a know-it-all and values intelligence over everything. He suffers from anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. It’s of no surprise that he is addicted to multiple vices. Towards others, he is highly competitive and judgmental, often passive aggressive and intimidating. His insecurity in relationships drives him to commitment avoidance, jealousy and womanising. He is numb to emotions, cold to new people and has created walls with his family. He is awkward at hugging and making eye contact. He is a spiritual by-passer, but thinks that he isn’t. He is an abusive bully, but thinks that he isn’t. He feels ashamed and guilty for many of his hurtful behaviours, however, he has no idea how to change himself. He is searching for answers.” - Some of these shadowy elements still show up in my life. However, I have now chosen to show up differently, with a heart led and empathetic intention of acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude. 

Heart reconnecting workshops taught by Daniel Mitel were the pivotal trainings that ignited my inner work and transformation. I devoted time to the practices taught in this workshop and it rewarded me with releasing emotional baggage and a new grateful outlook on life. 

Emotional Intimacy, through multiple men’ s groups and Masters Center of Professional Training (psycho-emotional-somatic-theraphy) led by Robert Augustus Masters were also essential trainings that helped me bring all the inner work together, bringing light to my shadow and helping me navigate and un-peel the conditioning and trauma I had been brought up with.

My deep passion to share these teachings with you comes from having personally experienced the transformative bliss of mind, spirit, heart and gut reconnecting practices.

From my heart to yours,