Qian Wang

  • Heart Imagery: Union with God
  • Heart Imagery : Healing and Emotional Clarity

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YOU are the solution you have been waiting for!

In January 2013, I had intense radical experiences and took the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop that year and everything changed dramatically for the years followed. I had honestly no choice but to go within myself and find solutions for my own sufferings. The healing journey have taught me and continue teaching me to this very moment about unconditional love, compassion and self-acceptance. What I love about Heart Imagery is that it addresses all aspects of a person's spiritual journey from healing of the past to the mystical journey of Union with Source.Path to God/Love takes constant surrendering... Heart Imagery is the guide that gently supports me go back to my Pristine Human Origin. I am also a SoulCollage Facilitator, a different way to play with images through collage.

When I first discover the imagery tool, my whole being, specifically my Inner Child jumps up! I want to do nothing but doing imagery all day and everyday. It allows me to be who I truly am- a child who likes to PLAY!

I am excited to offer my service to those who are ready to walk the path of Inner Journey together!