Margery Detring

  • Journeys into the Heart: The Inner Path
  • Journeys into the Heart: The Higher Self
  • Heart Imagery : Cleaning the Past and Self-Renewal
  • Heart Imagery : Healing and Emotional Clarity
  • Heart Imagery: Union with God

I believe the most important things about my life are based on my connection to Nature from a toddler to the present. I had a loving childhood on a small farm, no siblings, lots of animals. I received scholarships for university and finished Bachelor’s and Master’s Curriculums before beginning my family life as wife and mother in National Parks, most in the western US. I taught Science on two Native American Reservations while our children were growing up and I began a second Master’s program in Earth Sciences. I have Have love living In Parks and doing field work in geology. After teaching I began a business offering authentic Native American art and music, and was active in the Pow Wow circuit in the Southeast, again loving the 3 day encampments and educational opportunities as well as hearing the drum vibrating through the Earth and up through my feet. I also learned to make jewelry and baskets from raw natural materials, and became very serious about increasing knowledge of my true self, studying with Drunvalo Melchizedek, Catherine Shainberg, Daniel Mitel, and Rosi Barrera. I became a certified teacher for Awakening the Illuminated Heart, Heart Imagery, and Journey into the Heart and have found sharing these teachings and the relationships that naturally follow bring me my greater joys yet. If you pass by my hillside home you will often find me sitting barefoot on my stone bench, my back against an oak tree, meditating, connected to the Earth and Universe within my heart. Life doesn’t get better than that...unless the grandkids are here!