Test 1 - The School of the Heart

Edda Suarez

  • Journeys into the Heart: The Inner Path
  • Heart Imagery : Cleaning the Past and Self-Renewal
  • Heart Imagery: Union with God
  • Journeys into the Heart: The Higher Self
  • Kriya Yoga First Initiation

Edda Suarez

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To “go within” is a personnal path that needs a thousand of souls’s assistance before discovering our own Inner journey. I am very grateful for having such experience, for giving each other the opportunity of learning. As a Teacher of TSOTH today and in a very humble and respectful way I keep my heart opened to give from heart to heart everything I have learnt in Love and Light. To become a Teacher of TSOTH is an awesome way of continuing this journey now with much more of gratitude, bliss and love. 

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Web site:  www.eddasuarez.com

Email address: consulta@eddasuarez.com

Whatsapp Number: +56984815959 

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