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Carina Terra

  • Heart Imagery : Healing and Emotional Clarity

Carina Terra




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I am Carina, a spiritual seeker with a multidisciplinary approach to life. A teacher and student of tantra and yoga in the Himalayan tradition, body-worker, holographic sound healing facilitator, reiki master, student of Sanskrit, avid floater, explorer of inner and outer worlds, lover of life.

I believe that curiosity and maintaining a beginner’s mind are the secrets to staying young, regardless of your age. Self-reflection, forgiveness, gratitude, and trustful surrender are all catalysts for finding lasting fulfillment and freedom, no matter what life brings. I am here to point you in certain directions, but you choose which doors to open or close, and which ones you want to go through. You know your truth better than anyone ever will. This is your life to live, view and understand on your terms, through your own way of being, seeing, and thinking — and not mine or anybody else’s.

I also truly believe that there are no limits to spiritual growth and expansion. I look forward to sharing with you a variety of awareness practices from different wisdom traditions as well as my passion for the exploration of Consciousness.

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