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Anna Gulikov

  • Journeys into the Heart: The Inner Path

Anna Gulikov

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Everything you need is within your Heart.

It is through my personal experiences of turmoil that I believe this. The fruitless endeavour of searching for guidance and seeking reassurance from external factors has led me to understand that the way is not outward, but inward.

By going within ourselves to our Heart, there is endless opportunity to live a life of fulfilment and love. We all hold the power to help ourselves more than any other person. 

It is my wish to help guide you into your Heart.

The answer is within you.

Anna's path has guided her through various spiritual practices over the last few years. She believes that everyone's paths are different and that it's our individualism that makes life beautiful. It is her vocation to bring people closer to their Heart through music.

Email: annagulikov@gmail.com

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