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Eloise Bennett

  • Journeys into the Heart: The Inner Path
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Eloise Bennett




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Eloise Bennett is an international spiritual teacher, originator of Seraphim Healing® and Magdalene Healing® an Angelic Reiki Master® and Intuitive life coach and has been a teacher at the School of the Heart for nearly two years.

Eloise has always had a strong connection to Mother Earth and as a child spent all her time in nature with animals, trees and plants. As a teenager, she moved to Pembrokeshire, a very spiritual area, which supported her beliefs and gifts enabled her to awaken and evolve. In her early 20’s Eloise started studying various complementary therapies, which lead to a busy healing practice at her Centre The Seraphina Temple of light.

In 2001, she moved to Dorset where she trained as a Reiki Master and enrolled on Diana Cooper’s Angel and Ascension teaching course and was a principal master teacher at the foundation for 12 years. Eloise has also worked with children to enable them to nurture and embrace their spiritual gifts and abilities in order to bring harmony, well-being and peace to planet earth.

In 2013 Eloise met Daniel and Agathi and her journey into the Heart began after attending an ATIH workshop after which her whole life transformed. Over the past seven years Eloise hosted ATIH, Heart Imagery and Journeys into the Heart in Wales for Daniel and Agathi and is now honoured to be a Teacher at their school.


Eloise lives in Glastonbury UK, but holds workshops internationally, where she empowers people to transform their lives, find their Soul purpose and Ascension pathway through unconditional Love and living from the heart.


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