Sanela Begovic

“Heart Imagery: Cleaning The Past and Self-Renewal” TSOTH Teacher

Sanela Begovic was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina (former Yugoslavia) and has lived in Oslo, Norway for the past 25 years. She has studied Holistic therapy containing Kinesiology, Reflexology, traditional Chinese medicine, Aromatherapy, nutrition, ear acupuncture, Bach flower remedies and several other techniques.

Since her childhood, she has been searching for a way of living in happiness and peace within and without, studying different religions and philosophies. She felt that this life as we know it is just a fragment of something more and that we have been taught to live our lives in accordance with patterns passed on to us from others, while there is so much more to life and happiness.

Sanela changed completely after meeting Master Daniel Mitel and starting to practice meditations and techniques from Awakening the Illuminated Heart and Kriya yoga. But in her heart she felt the most at home when she was introduced to Heart Imagery, knowing and remembering that the only true language is the language of the heart. Practising Heart Imagery gave her the strongest results and helped clean most of her past issues and health problems (coming from war and difficult childhood), proving that there is more for us than what we are being thought by science and western philosophies.

Today, she cannot express the importance of living in the heart and creating from the heart in order to live life in happiness and peace.

She is fluent in English, Norwegian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian


Mobile: +47 94891952

Facebook: Sanela Begovic