Sanda-Renette Marin

“Heart Imagery: Cleaning The Past and Self-Renewal” TSOTH Teacher

Renette started with Reiki practice healing and after that step by step she began to learn more and more about spirituality, energies, emotions and the healing path.

The participation to the first  seminar related with Heart Imagery and the meeting with Master Daniel Mitel was a blessed moment in her life.

She was fascinated by  the simplicity, efficiency and beauty of the all techniques from Heart Imagery.  

Renette considers that Heart Imagery helps us to discover our inner resources in order to heal and harmonize our life, to feel the beauty and to manifest the joy every day.


It is a great honour for her to be among the teachers of the School of the Heart and she is very grateful for this.

Attended workshops of Master Daniel Mitel:

  • Heart Imagery: Cleaning the Past and Self-Renewal; Healing and Emotional Clarity; Union with God
  • Awakening The Illuminated Heart
  • Journey into the Heart: The Inner Path
  • Journey into the Heart: The Higher Self
  • Kriya Yoga
  • Teachers Training – Heart Imagery: Cleaning the Past and Self-Renewal 

Renette also has an academic background: B.Sc. in Computer Science and she loves painting.


Facebook: Sanda-Renette Marin

Workshops: TBD