“Heart Imagery: Cleaning The Past and Self-Renewal” TSOTH Teacher

The Highest Emotional Expression is Love.  Ask anyone on the planet where it comes from and they will answer “the heart”. 

Learning the way of the heart is the next big step for humanity.  The language of the heart is feeling; seeing the other as yourself is the key.  We no longer can use only our mind to live, we must feel our way moving forward and choose to come from the heart.  Through the use of the breath, no matter what the outside world is presenting, you are able to stay centred, connected and in the present moment.  My journey of consciousness began in childhood. 

My purpose is to help students remember the knowledge which already exists deep within and empower them to experience living from the heart.  I feel privileged and humbled to be a teacher in The School of The Heart. I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Teacher, EFT Practitioner, an advance Healer, Meditator and Coach.  I look forward to working with you.