Roberto Iulian Balays

“Journeys Into The Heart: The Inner Path” and “Heart Imagery: Cleaning The Past and Self-Renewal” TSOTH Teacher

I resonated a lot with Master Drunvalo Melchizedek’ sacred geometry books and I could feel that the training and the profession of engineer helped me to better understand it. Continuing the searches I have discovered the “heart connection”, “remembering who you are” tehniques and started to work on and meditate. Later I was led to find and meet Daniel Mitel, with whom I deepened the  “path of the heart”  knowledge in the School of the Heart.

I love meditation  and tehniques who are helping us to evolve on all levels and perceive the divine energies in our bodies. I practice Chi Kung, Kriya Yoga, Martial Arts ( Instructor-Black Belt Aikido-1st Dan) and other, participate and support periodic meditations within the “groupofforty”,  a world group working to help and sustain the planet Earth and it’s beings, asissted by Ascended Masters.

I have devoted my time  practicing and learning other spiritual teachings and techniques who are increasing our level of consciousness and now I have come to the moment when I want to share and teach others the knowledge and special information of the School of the Heart.

It’s a challenge and special experience for me and I welcome it with love and an open heart to all those who are seeking for and such that to evolve and rediscover who you really are. Also I am going to  help you achive the skills in creation process, live from the heart and bring peace and harmony in your life.


Cu  mai multi ani in urma am fost atras de informatiile legate de “geometria sacra” scrise de Drunvalo Melchizedek, probabil si datorita pregatirii si profesiei  de inginer. Continuand cautarile  am descoperit  si am inceput sa lucrez, meditez tehnicile de conectare cu inima si de reamintire de Sine ale acestuia, ulterior am fost calauzit sa aflu si imediat dupa aceea sa-l cunosc pe Daniel Mitel, unde am aprofundat “calea inimii” prin tehnicile si invataturile din Scoala Inimii.

Iubesc meditatia si tehnicile care ne ajuta sa evoluam la toate nivelurile si sa simtim, percepem energiile divine in corpurile noastre.  Sunt practicant Qi Gong, Kriya Yoga, arte martiale(Instructor copii-Aikido 1 Dan), etc. , particip si sustin meditatii periodic in cadrul “grupului de 40”(groupofforty), grup care lucreaza pentru  ajutorul si sustinerea planetei Pamant si a fiintelor ei, in stransa legatura cu Maestrii Ascensionati.

Mi-am dedicat timpul pentru a practica si studia si alte  invataturi si tehnici  spirituale care duc la cresterea nivelului de constiinta si am ajuns la momentul in care doresc sa impartasesc si sa-i invat si pe altii cunoasterea si informatiile transformatoare ale Scolii Inimii.

Este o provocare si o experienta deosebita pe care o intampin cu iubire si cu inima deschisa fata de toti cei care cauta aceasta cunoastere si aceste informatii, astfel incat sa evoluati si sa redescoperiti cine sunteti Voi cu adevarat iar creatia si experimentarea vietii din inima sa devina pentru voi o normalitate si sa va aduca pacea si implinirea vietii.


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