Luke Sellars

Master Teacher-Mentor & TSOTH Board Member

We as a humanity have lost our way, we are stuck in our brains consumed by fear and competition. Our salvation lies within our Hearts and the embodiment of Love and togetherness.

Luke has developed his approach to self-realization & life-mastery through his experiences as a professional hockey player and dedicated practitioner of personal development practices of Eastern and Western traditions over the last 16 years.

Under the direct guidance of the Great Masters Daniel Mitel & Drunvalo Melchizedek Luke has developed an accumulation of comprehensive non-invasive techniques to evaluate the overall health, well-being and performance in all areas of one’s life.

Through this in-depth evaluation, he purposes a customized program and plan of implementation of herbs, actionable behaviours, mindfulness and meditative practice deconstructing your belief patterns and cleaning your emotional traumas opening you to being your most authentic self.

This process will assist you in living your life on purpose with passion accessing your infinite power.