Kwan Yin, Theresa de Avila, Madame Blavatsky and Lady Ana
Kwan Yin, Theresa de Avila, Madame Blavatsky and Lady Ana (art sketch made by Hong Kong artist and TSOTH Teacher, Thomas Tong who have seen them in his meditations)

Lady Ana was unique. A Great Master who helped hundreds of thousand of people. The uniqueness of her character and the perfection of her emotional control convinced us that she was a combination of humanity and divinity. She had the cosmic irony of Osho and the purity of Mother Mary.

Ana unfailingly responded to the spectacle of human need: suffering never failed to appeal to her. She was so just and fair and at the same time so merciful and considerate.

Her life exemplifies the ideal of human friendship only a divine being could possibly be such a human friend. She was the most truly unselfish person we have ever known. The better you knew Lady Ana, the more you would love her.

In 1990 when she met Daniel and start working together there was no Master in Romania who exhibited more maturity of righteousness. All people recognized these elements of goodness in Lady Ana. She was Daniel’ Spiritual Mother. She was the first one who shown and taught him the power of Heart Imagery.

Ana was fluent in four modern languages and studied all ancient languages: Greek, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Egyptian, Hebrew, Chinese and Mayan. She helped people from all over the world without making any difference: all of us were Sons and Daughters of God in her holy eyes.