Kate Carson

“Heart Imagery: Healing and Emotional Clarity” TSOTH Teacher

This journey of life lies within our commitment to our true Self. Through love, compassion and creation from the heart, we can embrace the harmony and peace that exists within us.
Kate began her journey back to her “Self” at a very young age, and has attributed her “obstacles” in life as her path to remembering. When asked at the age of 7 what she
wanted to be when she grew up, she said, “I want to help people be happy and healthy”, and this is still her true passion – to assist humanity in remembering that
spark of light and creativity that lies inside of us, and that we are the true creators of all that is.
Through art, meditation and yoga, Kate works with people to achieve a harmonious wellness in the body, mind and spirit. With over 15 years of spiritual development, Kate has always known that her true inspiration and potential of healing lies within herself.
Connecting and building community is an important part of Kate’s soul journey, and she intends to spread the love and light of this School’s beautiful teachings with the
world. The divine essence in me honours and loves the divine essence in you.
Kate is a Yoga Teacher, Artist, Creative Consultant and Founder of Mindful Creativity.

 Website: www.katemcarson.com