Journeys into the Heart© Teacher Trainings

Being a JOURNEYS INTO THE HEART Teacher is one of the most important task on this planet. The workshops (“The Inner Path” and “The Higher Self”) are based on a series of experiences of Masters and Mystics from all over the world since the inception of the human race. These two workshops constitute one of the most important spiritual work in the world that teaches people to enter into the space of the heart and The School of The Heart is looking forward for organizing more Teacher Trainings all over the world! There are currently 55 Journeys Into The Heart: The Inner Path Teachers in 19 countries all over the world.

The workshops are associated with the Awakening The Illuminated Heart (ATIH) seminar. It provides the best preparation and practice for those who intend to attend the “Awakening The Illuminated Heart” seminar in the future and helps those who have already attended the ATIH seminar to further improve their practice on the Tiny Space Of Heart Meditation.

For a description of this training, please visit the Journeys into the Heart Workshop page.

It is time to change your life and that of people around you. If you feel in your heart the calling to teach these wonderful heart-based workshops, how to live and create from the heart, join the team of The School of the Heart Teachers.