Heart Imagery

The Yin Feminine Flow of Energy

Heart Imagery series are unique.

Thousands of people all over the world have experienced already the power and energy of heart imagery work. It is a series that can completely change your perspective and show you a completely different way of seeing; it is a way to create realities around you, function of what you need; you are going to grow and increase your level of understanding in this level of existence and the unseen ones.

Agathi Chris


Daniel Mitel

Guest Teacher


heart imagery is a journey...

The on-line spiritual sessions are made for those who are not able to join a workshop or want to continue what they have learned in The School of The Heart workshops.

 By completing one series (12 sessions) of Heart Imagery you will be eligible to apply for any Heart Imagery Teacher Training.

heart imagery: genesis

There is always a beginning, a birthing process. This session is dedicated to our decisions and stages of life.

Heart Imagery: healing

Healing the bodies, is an essential part of transformation. Re - balancing our physical and mental.

end of the cycle

All cycles come to an end and another one immediately begins. They are similar, but not exactly the same.

heart imagery: passing time/akashic records

The more you hold on to events, situations and ideas of this life and this body, the more difficult it is to see other experiences you had in past and future lives.

Heart Imagery: cleaning

Cleaning body, mind and emotion is a necessity in our human experience.

listening to the higher self

Our Higher Self is our connection to divinity, to the Universe, to the All.

heart imagery: the fabric of the universe

Everything around us communicates with us, all is intertwined and all life, intelligent.

Heart Imagery: the message of the ancestors

All beings that have passed through this planet have great wisdom that want to share with us. Each cycle of life, evolving to a more connected human experience.

the inner child

The purity that is so brightly shining in each child, is there, inside of each one of us. Let us re-discover it.

heart imagery: the inner sun

Our Inner Sun, is our creative force. Our internal motivator, the fire burning. Sometimes it just needs some awakening.

Heart Imagery: the spirit of the water

Flow is an essential part of a harmonious existence and water is the greatest example of flow and power, the most feminine element.


Re - creating our new self, arriving at a moment of true choice in who we are going forward in life.


One of the first experiences I have had during the Heart Imagery exercises is the feeling of great release or freedom. The feeling is similar to what one would experience after getting healed or realizing that all our worries and fears are not there anymore. By doing the exercises regularly, it has become easier to change images or mindset in everyday life. The changes are subtle, but seem to come from deep inside.

Heart Imagery - The Yin Feminine Flow Of Energy

In preparation for the years of light and peace

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