Geneviève Tsobanoglou

“Heart Imagery: Cleaning The Past and Self-Renewal” TSOTH Teacher

Heart Imagery is not only a technique but also a way of being that profoundly resonates with my heart and my life. It has the power to clear the past and create the future.

It is a privilege for me to have been taught by a great Master, Daniel and an honour to be a teacher in The (ever-living) School of the Heart, able to teach Heart Imagery: Cleaning the Past and Self-Renewal, in Greek, English and French.

Born in France, my interests in ancient wisdom brought me to Greece where I live.

In 1999, an aggressive cancer knocked at my door, I then opened my heart and embraced it unconditionally. This total acceptance induced immediately an enlightened serenity that changed my life forever, and unveiled my real mission.

The Universe organizing in its undeniable way, I ended helping people reconnect to their true self through different modalities, healing body and mind as a result.

Aside from coaching, I lead weekly meditations, organize workshops, and I am a Qigong and Reiki Master.



Facebook: geneforlife