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Cultivating Inner Peace: A Guide to Cleaning Your Thoughts

Online (via Zoom)

@ET-DC@eyJkeW5hbWljIjp0cnVlLCJjb250ZW50IjoicG9zdF90aXRsZSIsInNldHRpbmdzIjp7ImJlZm9yZSI6IiIsImFmdGVyIjoiIn19@November 25 - 26, 2023 | ONLINE (via zoom)Investment: €333 - Early Bird 15% Discount by Aug 31st10:30am - 3:30pm | Athens TimeA workshop designed to help you develop practical strategies for achieving greater peace and harmony within.   Unlock the secret of the stillness hidden in your heart.   With Cultivating Inner Peace: A […]


TSOTH Live Monthly Program

Online (via Zoom)

@ET-DC@eyJkeW5hbWljIjp0cnVlLCJjb250ZW50IjoicG9zdF90aXRsZSIsInNldHRpbmdzIjp7ImJlZm9yZSI6IiIsImFmdGVyIjoiIn19@Once per month | Live ONLINE (via zoom)Next Live Subject: The Angels18th November - 3:00pm Athens Time (GMT+2) / 5:00am Vancouver Time Join the TSOTH community in Live interactive sessions We have created the TSOTH Live program to be able to offer to each and everyone of you more insides into ways we can improve […]

HeartMath Certification Coach Programme, Romania

Bucharest, Romania

@ET-DC@eyJkeW5hbWljIjp0cnVlLCJjb250ZW50IjoicG9zdF90aXRsZSIsInNldHRpbmdzIjp7ImJlZm9yZSI6IiIsImFmdGVyIjoiIn19@17-19 Noiembrie 2023 | București, România,detalii la Dana Burghel,, +40 742 718 088 1950€In Person Live EventInregistreaza-te