“Heart Imagery: Cleaning The Past and Self-Renewal” TSOTH Teacher

“Heart Imagery: Healing and Emotional Clarity” TSOTH Teacher

“Journeys Into The Heart: The Inner Path” TSOTH Teacher

“Journeys Into The Heart: The Higher Self” TSOTH Teacher

Throughout her rich and inspired life, Elena has studied and evaluated various influences on the development of a full and enriching personal life and as a result has developed an effective vision to personal self-development, self-realization and harmonization of one’s life skills.

Elena’s own experiences over the last 12 years draws on both Eastern and Western traditions which led her to re-evaluate her life, values and goals. The result of merging a variety of techniques historically proven to be successful by Great Masters, Elena is able to provide a holistic approach to many questions and life issues, from self-discovery, to relationships, leisure, goal setting and a path with real purpose.

Elena is inspired and dedicated to serve those who seek answers and would like to return to their authentic selves. She seamlessly combines the analysis of individual’s values, beliefs and behavioural patterns, karmic tasks and debts, traumas and positive influences to assist her students in any area of life, helping them restore their passions, building on the strength of one’s talents and to living a more purposeful life where you are able to access your infinite powers and to remember that you are creative, resourceful and whole!

Elena is a certified Life Skills and Motivations Life Coach and Mentor, Certified Hypnotist, Vedic Astrologer, Researcher in Vedic Tradition, Artist, Writer and Wife.




EMAIL: elenalexa@gmail.com