Dave Hiralal

Heart Imagery: Cleaning The Past and Self-Renewal” TSOTH Teacher

Treating pain is my most favourite thing to do. I have been doing this for eight years now. At first, not a single person thought that a Registered Massage Therapist could cause any degree of healing. Studying sciences, the human body, awakening the illuminated heart, heart imagery and all the hidden components that make up life has been a great assistance along the journey. I have my own business named “Physical Healing” which is devoted to assessing and treating pains. Inside of your body is literally the source of all things! Let me share my favorite quote with you.

“Turn thy thoughts inwards, not outwards. Find thou the lightsoul within. Know that thou are the master. All else is brought from within” – Emerald Tablets

The power of our hearts cannot be limited by time or space.

Can you sense what power you possess?

Love – Dave


Email: dave-h@live.ca

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