Cigdem Erdogan

Heart Imagery: Cleaning The Past and Self-Renewal” TSOTH Teacher

Boundless emptiness may be home to profound essence… 

In quest of self awareness after the loss of a loved one, I was introduced to Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki healing practices in 2004. That was when I started realising the power vested in every one of us. Over the years; attunements, trainings, meditations, patience and gratitude helped me learn more about body, mind and soul. During my inner journey, I started to live a more consciouss and healthier life. 

I was very lucky to meet Master of Meditation Daniel Mitel and Agathi in 2016. Through Daniel’s trainings, things have changed for me and I learnt how to connect with the heart and to stay in the heart. The heart was the only source, yet the missing element I have not been using to complete all my body, mind and soul practices. When one is connected with the pureness and unity of the heart, there is no limit to creating from the heart. The heart unites us with true essence and pure love. And love is powerful. 

In my life long learning journey, as a third generation educator, I have been humbly sharing my experience and knowledge with people around me for many years. I am now a proud member of the teachers of The School of The Heart – empowered by the ways to live from the heart. My quest continues and my goal is to share this knowledge and show people ways to re-unite with their true essence  ‘their hearts’ .

Much Love…




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