Amy Ma

“Journeys Into The Heart: The Inner Path” TSOTH Teacher

Why are we here?

Where are we going?

What are we after?

What is the meaning of our own life?

We ask ourselves these simplest questions, and yet often times these are toughest to answer.

Are we here looking for… Love, Joy, Inner Peace? Some of us may think in terms of more physical terms such as success and wealth.

If you say love, I can’t agree more. Think about when you are deeply loved, you attain joy. With joy, inner peace awakes. With inner peace, abundance follows.

How do you verify the state of joy and inner peace? Joy and inner peace emerge through our superconsciousness.

“Who looks outsides, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”- Carl Gustav Jung

“Where motion ceases, Spirit begins.”- Yogananda

My name is Amy Ma 馬曉瑜 (Spiritual Name: Akal Dass Kaur). My very first spiritual experience occurred when I was 8 years old during my great grandmother’s Buddhist funeral ceremony in which I first sensed spirits around me and I was around them. I started to question my true existence of why I was here and what was it I wanted in my life before my physical death. That connection with beings through the physical sensations and awareness still carries in me today.

There has always been a strong inner voice and my intuition and drive of manifestation became stronger and stronger. The natural tendency to project and manifest became my own supernatural power, I feel, and that’s how I discovered the different realities we are empowered to create with the help of the universe and spirit guides.

I am very grateful that through all my spiritual awakenings, I’ve become who I am today and have helped many guide themselves to their own existence and truth of being here. We are all here to evolve our soul. In order to do that, we must realize and overcome many challenges as these are necessary  lessons to grow. After each lesson, we stand up stronger and find more truth to ourselves and are ready again for the next challenge and lesson. The truth of being able to surrender and accept all love and life challenges by being present, without fears and doubts, and take actions is the ONLY way to manifest and thrive in this Earth plane.

Through meditations and psychic abilities, through inner divine guidance, I have been brought back to memories of my past lives and soul family who have meant so much to me; heal my challenged physical body, not to mention the present with the most amazing adventures of work, love, passion and people in this life as well. I am now walking my life path filled with love, fulfilling my soul mission.

Our mind consists of this life’s memories of experience; our heart carries all soul memories of the past. With the mind and heart well aligned, we will connect with our superconsciousness and will also remember that only with love, we can truly heal and grow. Through this heart meditation and healing workshop, we will explore, discover, connect, and activate our true inner power from birth through different ancient and effective ways of meditations and imagery exercises through cabalistic method. It is our soul and birth right to know who we really are and begin to be our own master and life-long learner with true love, peace and joy for ourselves and all life on Earth.