Ada Irina Tserepis

“Heart Imagery: Cleaning The Past and Self-Renewal” and “Journeys Into The Heart: The Inner Path” TSOTH Teacher

Irina has always been fascinated by the spiritual side of life, that led her to practice yoga, meditations and become an internationally certified Holy Fire Reiki Master and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master healer as well as a sound therapy healer. An accelerated personal transformation has started after meeting Master Daniel Mitel and attending “Journeys into the Heart” seminars, “Heart Imagery”, “Kriya Yoga” as well as “Awakening the Illuminated Heart”. These seminars have opened up a whole universe inside her heart and this is beyond words. As she felt these deep changes into her life, Irina became a Teacher of The School Of The Heart (TSOTH) to pay it forward to the fellow humans. Her quest is to facilitate the cleaning of their past traumas and empower people to harmonize their energy by balancing the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. By doing so we can enter the space of our hearts and experience our true essence and the wonders that lay within and live our life to the fullest in happiness, peace and harmony.

Irina’s natural gifts to the world are Divine Love and Divine Truth and she feels that she can fulfil her mission by contributing to the rise of humankind’s vibration towards pure love, the most powerful force in the universe.

Irina also has an extensive academic background: B.Sc. in Physics, M.Sc. in Biophysics and a PhD in Medical Biology from Karolinska Institute, Sweden. Moreover, her long experience from working in biotech industry may be an asset for companies that are willing to create a more inspired workplace for the well-being of their employees.

She is fluent in Swedish and English and holds trainings and private sessions in both languages.


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