Workshops for children

One of the most important part of The School of The Heart (TSOTH) is dedicated to help children discover and preserve their intuitive side.

The School of The Heart (TSOTH) is in partnership with Extra Ocular Vision (EOV) School that is working with children for almost 40 years. Thus two beloved and renown Masters, Daniel Mitel and Noe Esperon are working together for a better world, for a world where children are going to use their intuition and heart creation power.

Daniel Mitel and Agathi Christodoulidi met Rosi Barrera Oaxaca, one of the teacher-leader of EOV and Noe Esperon, the Master and founder of EOV, and prepared a series of workshops that are going to make a huge difference in the level of consciousness of our children.

The first workshop is going to be in Greece, in July 2018. We are going to post soon all the details about it.

How to Apply for July 2018 Greece workshop (full details about it will follow soon)

The workshop will consists of two components:

  1. Heart Meditations for teachers who are going to work with children (part of TSOTH School)
  2. Training for teachers who are going to work with children (part of EOV School)

Full details will follow soon about all the program and procedure to apply for it.

Noe Esperon, Daniel Mitel and Rosi Barrera Oaxaca

Remember that the children who learn to stay connected with their intuitive side are going to change this world!

Daniel Mitel and Rosi Barrera Oaxaca together with Rosi’ students that can read with the eyes covered with two thick masks!