Demetra Tsakiroglou

Master Teacher / Mentor / TSOTH Board Member


Demetra is an Imagery Teacher and an Accredited Professional Coach.

She received her practical and theoretical training in Professional Coaching at CWays Group, one of the first companies to introduce coaching in Greece. She holds a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy from the International School of Natural Health and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Strathclyde. She has approx. 20 years of experience in the position of Office Manager and Human Resources Officer in large multinational companies:

  • Acting as liaison between the management, employees and unions, contributing to the establishment and maintenance of a healthy balance in the workplace.
  • Designing HR policies and procedures and training management and employees in their implementation.
  • Organizing company events and conferences.
  • Acting as interpreter in Board meetings and conferences.

She has also worked as a qualified translator and has translated and designed the cover and interior of books in the field of body, mind and soul addressed to the Greek public.

Demetra conducts individual Coaching for Clarity sessions which aim to empower the coachees, so that they may process and face challenges in all areas of their life. You are able to shift to the position of reassessing your priorities, gaining awareness of any limited perceptions that may be driving your outcomes and incorporate your vision for life on a practical level. 

She also holds Imagery sessions and workshops. Imagery functions as a reflection or a hologram of our thoughts, feelings, of our perceptions and senses, through which we are able to have direct access to our own inner source of wisdom. Demetra works under the guidance and supervision of her Mentor and renowned psychologist based in New York, Dr. Gerald Epstein, as he was taught directly by one of the greatest Imagery Teachers in the world, healer and psychotherapist, Madame Colette Aboulker-Muscat. She also works with the Tibetan System of Heart Imagery which was brought to light in our modern era by internationally renowned Master of Meditation, Daniel Mitel.

Demetra holds Meditation workshops which respond to the need for spiritual empowerment. Meditation leads to the transmutation and expansion of our perception and participants practically learn to increase their autonomy, creativity, flexibility, adaptability and ingenuity. She serves as Master Teacher/Mentor and Board member of the School of the Heart, founded by Master of Meditation, Daniel Mitel, bringing Teacher Trainings around the world that help people reconnect with their inner self and create from the heart.

At the same time, Demetra organizes workshops in Greece, inviting internationally renowned speakers and spiritual masters. As an experienced teacher and coach, Demetra work is the culmination of all she has learnt through her experiences in the business and spiritual field. She approaches all situations holistically, empowering her fellow beings to discover constructive ways of expanding their awareness, to inspire themselves with the best options in any given situation for themselves, as well as for their environment and to express the best version of themselves.

With love for her fellow beings, Demetra’s focus is on offering experiential learning and personal development.