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14 – 21 OCTOBER 2017, 7 NIGHTS/8 DAYS
with Master Daniel Mitel

“In order to understand how the future is unfolding, we need to know how to blend the present with the past. One of the most important locations on this planet where the Garden of Eden and the Adamic Race existed is the island of Cyprus.”

Master of Meditation, Daniel Mitel

Cyprus is located at the crossroad of 3 continents (Europe, Asia, and Africa) at the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea and it is famous for its sandy beaches warm weather and as the birthplace of the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite.

The island was influenced by many civilizations and cultures like the Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, Mycenaean Greek, Alexander the Great, Ptolemaic Egypt, Classic and Eastern Roman Empire, French, Venetian and the Ottomans.

Cyprus is an island where reality and mythology blend with each other and have left their mark on the island’s scenery and the lives of its native people. It is the perfect place for connection with the ancient energies that contain the knowledge of our ancestors and the natural energies of the Sun and the Earth.

DAY 1 (14th of October): ARRIVAL DAY Arrival at Larnaca airport with English speaking assistance and transfer to Limassol.

DAY 2: FULL DAY TOUR TO NICOSIA Once arriving in Nicosia, we will visit the Cyprus Archaeological Museum which contains priceless collection from the Neolithic Age to the Early Byzantine period and we start to get acquainted with the story of the island.

The bus tour will then continue passing by the 16th century Venetian Walls and Famagusta Gate (Porta Giuliana) whereby we will see a practical example of an ideal city of the Renaissance. We will continue to the Archbishopric Palace and the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist which was built in 1662 housing important paintings of Kornaro, one of the famous agiographers of the 18th century.

We will meditate near the Venetian Walls connecting with the ancient energy of the island.*

We will take a short walking tour which will end at Ledra Street (Taht-El-Kale) which is a very well known pedestrian neighborhood in the old city of Nicosia. We will be having lunch at a local restaurant of the area and we will have free time to enjoy the old city of Nicosia before returning to Limassol.

DAY 3 – JEEP TOUR AT THE AREA OF AKAMAS After breakfast, we will travel in Land Rover Defender jeeps (approx. 8 pax in each jeep with professional drivers), at the very well known area of the Akamas National Park on the west coast of the island which covers 230 square kilometers containing valleys, gorges, and wide sandy bays. 

Akamas is one of the last locations on the island where you can sense the pureness and bliss the island had to offer in the old days as it is preserved and almost untouched by human hand.

We will visit Lara Bay known as the breeding ground of the Green Turtles of the Mediterranean (Kareta-Kareta) and we will meditate with the sound of the waves.*

Continuing and passing through great and wild scenery as well as from sandy and clear beaches, the road will take us to the Baths of Aphrodite which legend says it was Aphrodite’s wedding gift by Hephestos. It was a piece of land inaccessible to mortals with gold fences, palaces of gold, precious stones and two springs among green foliage. It is also said that this was the place where the Goddess of Love used to bathe with her lover, Adonis.

We will have lunch at a local tavern in the village of Kathikas.ost untouched by human hand.


Larnaca / Kition is the well-known birthplace of Zenon the Kitieus, father of Stoicism ( a school of Hellenistic philosophy that flourished throughout the Roman and Greek world).

Today we will be connecting with our ancestral energies at the ancient sites in Larnaca that are rich in history and beauty.

Our first stop will be at the Neolithic Settlement of Choirokoitia which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a very well preserved settlement from the Neolithic Age. This is the earlier known culture in Cyprus, dating from the 7th millennium BC that consist of a well organized developed society. The buildings on this site are consistent of domes huddled close together and show the predisposition of the people’s interest in sacred geometry.  

The next place to visit is the village of Lefkara. The village is famous for its handmade lace (Lefkaritiko lacemaking) and silver handicrafts and we will have the chance to stroll around the village. According to legend, Leonardo da Vinci visited the village in 1481 and purchased a lace cloth for the main altar of the Duomo di Milano. That same legend suggests that it inspired the tablecloth design on The Last Supper painting, depicting Jesus and his 12 disciples having their last meal.

We will continue to the Hala Sultan Tekke which is one of the most important holy places for Muslims ranked immediately after Mecca. The area is picturesque next to the Salt Lake of Larnaca which is the natural habitat of large flamingo populations.

Arriving in the city of Larnaca, we will be passing by the Piale Pashia Avenue and the castle of Larnaca, we will arrive at the Palm Trees Boulevard. We will visit the church of St. Lazarus which is a magnificent 9th century stone church where on his death Saint Lazarus was buried for the second and last time.

*We will meditate at Choirokoitia or Hala Sultan Tekke and have lunch at a local restaurant by the sea.their last meal.


Right after breakfast, we will visit the Cedar Valley which is located at the crossroads of Nicosia, Paphos, and Limassol. The breathtaking mountain locality and peace of Cedar Valley is nestled within Paphos forest. This is one of the remainder valleys of ancient cedars that Vladimir Megre mentions in his Anastasia books.

*This is a unique location where we will connect with Mother Earth as well as the Great Master Anastasia is teaching.

We will continue our day visiting Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite’s Rock). This is one of the most beautiful coastlines of the island with a huge rock on the edge. According to the mythology, the Goddess of Beauty, Love, and Fertility, Aphrodite, was born from the foam of the sea at this exact spot. Aphrodite was the daughter of Uranus and Sea. .

This is the embodiment of the connection of Mother Earth and Father Sky where they have produced Love, Beauty and Fertility personified in Aphrodite. Aphrodite in Greek mythology was the wife of the God Hephestos, lover of Aris, God of War and Adonis an ever-youthful life-death-rebirth deity.

The last visit for the day will be at the ancient site of Curium. Curium was an ancient city-kingdom and it’s one of the most important archaeological sites of the island and a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. The magnificent Greco-Roman Theatre with its breathtaking view, originally built in the 2nd century BC, is now fully restored and is used for musical and theatrical performances. Within the area, we will visit the House of Eustolios with its stunning 5th-century mosaics and the House of Achilles where we will see the ancient flower of life on the mosaic floor dated 75 – 50 BC.

We will have lunch at a local tavern in the village of Kouklia and we will meditate at the scenic Cedar Valley.

DAY 6 We will be starting our day with meditation and exercises at the hotel.*

After that we have 2 optional tours. One to Caledonian Falls and the other to Protaras/Ayia Napa. You are free to choose any one you like or if you rather stay at the hotel then we will also offer a transfer in case you want to visit the downtown Larnaca.

Please note that there is a minimum of 15 people participation for the tour to take place.


(**Extra cost of 140 Euros per Person)

Caledonia Waterfalls are located in Platres village in the area of Troodos mountains. This beautiful waterfall is one of the highest located in Cyprus and a nature path.

We will arrive at the area in the morning, where we will start our walking tour. The trail has a length of 3 km where we will also have the chance to see the waterfalls of approximately 12 meters. On the route, we will observe many species of the local flora.

We will relax and enjoy the natural sound of the wind on the tree leaves and the sweet birds singing. The name Caledonia falls originate from the swallow birds who sing during the spring and summer period. The walking time takes approximately 1 ½ -2 hours. We will have plenty of time to meditate during our walking tour at Caledonian Falls.* After the end of the walking tour, we will have lunch at a tavern in the village of Platres and we will have some free time to enjoy the mountainous village.

** For those that will choose not to take this tour we will be able to provide a ride to the town of Limassol (approximately 4 hours). Extra cost: 24 euro per person


(**Extra cost of 140 Euros per Person)

Protaras and Ayia Napa are are famous beach resorts on the island. Both areas have beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. We will see in Protaras the well known Fig Tree Bay. On the way to Ayia Napa, we will pass by the Cape Greko which is a high point on the cliff where the we will have the chance to look down on to the Mediterranean sea in its beauty and the panoramic views. One of the only building at Cape Greko is the small chapel of Ayii Anargyroi where below it is a cave.

Arriving in Ayia Napa, we will visit the monastery of Ayia Napa and have free time to enjoy the area. We will have lunch at a local restaurant.

** For those that will chose not to take the tour we will be able to provide a ride to the town of Larnaca (approximately 4 hours) . Extra cost : 24 Euros per person.


(**Extra cost of 90 Euros per Person)

Today we will be starting our day with meditation and exercises at the hotel.*

Later we have an optional half day tour getting to know Cypriot traditions. We will be visiting the village of Athienou were we will be watching the traditional way of making Halloumi and Pourekkia. Halloumi is a traditional Cypriot cheese that has been made on the island of Cyprus for centuries. It has been a significant part of Cyprus’ authentic cuisine and its traditional rural life.

Many families used to make their own homemade halloumi exploiting to the fullest the milk from their dairy herds. Further, its making constituted a social activity between village families and its processing know-how had been transferred from generation to generation. An essential part of the people’s diet in the past, halloumi is still today one of the most loved and consumed cheeses in Cyprus.

We will also get to see the traditional way of making Pourekkia, a sweet cheesy dessert with cinnamon and rosewater.

The rest of the day you will have time to relax and enjoy the sea and the sun at our beautiful hotel.


Check out and transfer from Limassol to Larnaca airport.

**For those of you that continue with us for the full journey we will take a flight to Cairo.

*Our meditation time will contain Kriya Yoga, Heart Imagery, Heart Meditations and re-connection with Ascended Masters.

Quotes about Cyprus:

“From the southern seaboard of Cicilia may be seen to the south the beautiful island of Cyprus which was the realm of the goddess Venus, and many there have been who, impelled by her loveliness, have had their ships and rigging broken upon the rocks that lie among the seething waves. Here the beauty of some pleasant hills invites the wandering mariners to take their ease among its flowery verdure, where the zephyrs continually come and go, filling with sweet odors the island and the encompassing sea…”.

This note is found in the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

“There existed different groups of magicians from the time of Moses such as Jannes and Lotape , of whom the Jews had spoken of. And in fact many thousands yearly follow after Zoroastrian ways especially during recent times on the Island of Cyprus.”

Plimy the Elder 23-79 A.D.

“First she drew near holy Cythera, and from there, afterwards, she came to sea-girt Cyprus, and came forth an awful and lovely goddess, and grass [195] grew up about her beneath her shapely feet. Her gods and men call Aphrodite, and the foam-born goddess and rich-crowned Cytherea, because she grew amid the foam, and Cytherea because she reached Cythera, and Cyprogenes because she was born in billowy Cyprus, [200] and Philommedes3 because she sprang from the members. And with her went Eros, and comely Desire followed her at her birth at the first and as she went into the assembly of the gods. This honor she has from the beginning, and this is the portion allotted to her amongst men and undying gods,— [205] the whisperings of maidens and smiles and deceits with sweet delight and love and graciousness.”

Hesiod, Theogony 700 BC


21 – 29 OCTOBER 2017, 9 DAYS/8 NIGHTS
with Master Daniel Mitel

“A journey in one of the most ancient places on the planet were Kings and Pharaohs, Priests and Ascended Masters were working with a special energy that is raised by the presence of the pyramids and the ancient Egyptian Temples. Drunvalo Melchizedek empowered us to do this journey on the places that he walked years ago working with Thoth and the Ascended Masters.”

Master of Meditation, Daniel Mitel

DAY 1 (21ST October): Arrival Day 

Arrival in Cairo airport with English speaking assistance and transfer to Hotel.

DAY 2 : Pyramids Of Giza & Sphinx – Saqqara Pyramids – Ancient City Of Memphis 

Breakfast at the hotel and time for Meditation.*

At 09.00am we will board the bus to visit the Giza Plateau and to explore the world famous Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, Mycrenos & Sphinx then we will proceed to visit the Step Pyramid of Zoser at Saqqara & Pyramids Of King Titi where you can see the exclusive pyramids texts inside the Pyramid.

We will have lunch at local restaurant tasting the flavours of Middle Eastern cuisine.

After lunch we will visit the Ancient city of Memphis, the city of God Ptah and the capital of the Old Kingdom, including the Open Air Museum and the Colossal statue of King Ramses II.

After the tour we will go back to our hotel and enjoy a free evening

*Optional Sound & Light show at the Pyramids Of Giza and Sphinx.

Day 03 – Monday: Egyptian Museum – Fly to Luxor 

Breakfast at the hotel and time for Meditation.*

At 09.00am we will visit one of the most important Museums in the world, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities that houses a magnificent collection of Pharaonic antiquities, especially the golden treasures of Tut Ankh Amun.

Interior view of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt

We will explore the city center of Cairo and then take a flight from Cairo to Luxor.

Arriving in Luxor we will check in at our hotel and have the afternoon free for leisure in Luxor.

*Optional Sound & Light show at Karnak temples.

Day 04 – Tuesday: West Bank “Valley Of the Kings – Hatshepsut – Memnon” 

Breakfast at the hotel and time for Meditation.*

After our meditation we will cross the West Bank and visit Thebes Necropolis – The Valley of The Kings the richest and most fascinating ancient tombs in Egypt. This was the burial site of the kings from the New Kingdom. During our visit we will enter 3 royal tombs in the area.

After that we will proceed to visit El Dear El Bahri temple of queen Hatshepsut that was constructed during the reign of the 18th dynasty by Queen Hatshepsut, one of the greatest rulers of Egypt.

The Temple is featured with its many terraces, the statues of the Queen with her active light beam, and its magnificent location carved out of one of the great mountains of Thebes.

Also we will see the Colossi of Mammon where two huge statues are the only remaining items of the great funerary temple of Amenhotep III, constructed in 1350 BC that has became a landmark of Luxor.

*Morning Optional Hot Air Balloon over Valley of the Kings in Luxor can be offered upon request.

Afternoon: “Karnak and Luxor temples”

Our afternoon is devoted to discovering the richness of the Luxor River. We will visit the Temple of Karnack, where each Pharaoh rendered homage by bringing a stone to build the temple. No other sacred edifice ever designed included as perfect illustrations as this temple: The temple of Amon Râ was an enormous permanent construction site for over 2,000 years.

Then we will visit the Temple of Luxor, one of the most majestic Pharaoh temples and one of the most picturesque because of it’s suspended mosaïcs.

Day 05 – Wednesday: Drive to Aswan – Edfu temple – Kom Ombo temple – Arrive Aswan” 

Breakfast at the hotel and time for Meditation.*

After our meditation we will drive to Aswan. En-route we will visit the finest preserved ancient Egyptian temple in the land of the Nile, the Temple of Horus in Edfu.

It was constructed by the Ptolemies in the 3rd century BC for the worship of the god Horus.

We will then continue driving to Kom Ombo and explore Kom Ombo temple Of Sobek established in the Ptolemaic period and completed in the Roman era, the temple is dedicated to two gods, the local crocodile, Sobek, and the famous eagle god, Haroeris. This was why the temple was divided into two sections; one for each god.

Arriving in Aswan we will check-in to our hotel and have the afternoon free.


Day 06 – Thursday: Philae temple Of Isis – Felucca around the Islands 

Breakfast at the hotel and time for Meditation.*

After our meditation we will visit the beautiful temple of Philae dedicated to Goddesses Isis and Hathor which is considered one of the most famous temples in Egypt.

For centuries now its heritage lies submerged beneath the waters of Lake Nasser to the south of Aswan. We will then enjoy a felucca ride around the Islands.

We will later go to Aswan Airport for our departure to Cairo via Egypt Air

Arriving in Cairo we will check-in to our hotel and relax for the rest of the evening.

Day 07 – Friday: Final departure for those leaving Cairos 

Breakfast at Hotel and transfer to Cairo International Airport for departure.

*Our meditation time will contain Kriya Yoga, Heart Imagery, Heart Meditations and re-connection with Ascended Masters.


Extension for Workshop – “Journeys into the Heart”

Day 07 – Friday:  We continue to the Red Sea Resort with the workshop participants. 

We will have breakfast at our Hotel and we will take our bus to El Ain Soukhna on the Red Sea to join our Master of Meditation, Daniel Mitel, for a unique and extraordinary workshop that encompasses all the wisdom from our planet’s ancient traditions about the heart.

The “Journeys Into The Heart” workshop is based on the book written by Masters Drunvalo Melchizedek and Daniel Mitel.

The workshop will be for the full day with breaks to enjoy the sea and the sun.

We will have dinner all together at the resort.


Day 08 – Saturday: Workshop. 

We will have breakfast at our hotel and have a full second day of the “Journeys Into The Heart” workshop with breaks to enjoy the sea and the sun.

We will have dinner all together at the resort.


Day 09 – Sunday: Final departure. 

We will have breakfast at the hotel and check out.

We will head back to Cairo and transfer to Cairo international Airport for our final departure.


Package A in Cyprus (14 – 21 October) pricing 4* Hotel

1455 Euros Twin Room
1755 Euros Single Room* (depending on availability)



Package B in Egypt (21-27 October) Price Per Person in Double Room

1250 USD (1170 Euros)

Extra cost for workshop Journeys into The Heart (27-29 October – including workshop fee and accommodation with breakfast and dinner) 500 USD (464 Euro)

Package B Accommodation
02 nights’ accommodation at Cairo Pyramids Hotel 5* Hotel or Similar based on BB Basis 02 nights accommodation at Achti Luxor Hotel 5* or Similar based on BB Basis
01 night accommodation at Movenpick Aswan Hotel 5* or Similar based on BB Basis 01 night accommodation at Le Passage Cairo Hotel 5* or Similar based on BB Basis
Extension Accommodation
02 nights accommodation at Swiss Inn Dome Marine Ain Soukhna Resort 5* or Similar based on HB Basis

Prices including:

  • 03 nights accommodation at Cairo Hotel On BB Basis
  • 02 nights accommodation at Luxor Hotel on BB Basis
  • 01 night accommodation at Aswan Hotel on BB Basis
  • Internal flight tickets Cairo / Aswan – Luxor / Cairo
  • All sightseeing tours including entrance fees to all Antiquity sites as per the program itinerary with private professional English Speaking Egyptologist Tour Guide during all excursions in Cairo and on board the Nile Cruise Luxor and Aswan.
  • All transfers via late model private vehicles with qualified drivers.
  • Lunch meals during the day tour in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan.
  • Meet & Assist at Cairo International Airport upon arrival and final departures by professional representatives.

Above Mentioned prices doesn’t include:

  • Entry Visa to Egypt
  • International flight tickets
  • Personal expenses like phone calls, Laundry and bar bills.
  • All tips to guides, drivers and Company Representatives
  • Other services not mentioned under the including program

For the Full Journey
“Reconnection with our Ancient Wisdom in Cyprus and Egypt”
*with return flight from Cyprus to Cairo

2860 Euro

Experience the unique opportunity to participate in the workshop
“Journeys into The Heart”
based on the book written by Masters Drunvalo Melchizedek and Daniel Mitel on the beautiful Red Sea Resort in Egypt

464 Euros*

* Price including accommodation at 5* Hotel, breakfast and dinner and workshop fee

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