The School of the Heart

The School of The Heart was created thousands of years ago by the Masters who understood that the only way to remember who we really are is to reconnect with the energy of the heart.

Master Daniel Mitel works with masters all over the world, helping people remember how it is to live from the heart.

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Internationally renowned Master of Meditation, Daniel Mitel, has founded The School of the Heart to train teachers around the world so that they may help more and more people understand their intimate connection with their Inner Selves and remember what it means to live in the Heart.

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What does it mean to live from the heart?

What does it mean to live in the heart?

How does the Heart communicate?


Join us on epic journeys as we travel on historic pilgrimages, reconnecting with our ancient wisdom.

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These books are highly regarded as some of the best meditation and spiritual guide books all over the world.  “Journeys Into The Heart”, was written together with one of the most influential spiritual personality of modern time, Drunvalo Melchizedek. “Journeys Into The Heart” was triggered by Drunvalo’s and his own personal search for the best methods and meditations of creating from the heart. It’s not just another book. It is a manual of spiritual seekers.



Your Journey into The Future by Daniel Mitel.


A wonderful interview at one of the best radio show in the world with Aditya.


Live interview Daniel Mitel and Lilou Mace, Paris

Drunvalo Melchizedek and Daniel Mitel discuss the new spiritual work on our planet.